Recent/current clients:

1) New Jersey Biotech company (3 programs – two novel dry powder airway disease/delivery projects and additional antiviral project)

2) Japanese pharmaceutical company (inhaled antibiotic for US – led their pre-IND meeting)

3) California based contract research organization/clinical site (multiple programs – mostly topical drug delivery to airways)

4) California Translational Science Institute – T1 Catalyst Project – Early Translational Research []

5) Oligonucleotide company (neuromuscular disease)

6) San Francisco Bay Area urology device company (preparing their NDA)

7) East Coast based, large pharma (inhaled/pulmonary drug(s))

8) Global oligonucleotide company (gastrointestinal indication)

9) Small East Coast company (drug repurposing)

10) Private West Coast based company (topical delivery of CNS drugs to upper (nasal) airways)

11) Oligonucleotide Safety Working Group – Publications coordinator []

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